Friday, July 19, 2013

Just Cross Stitch Halloween Issue has arrived.

I know we are on vacation this week, but a box arrived at the Pet Shop next door to us with the Annual Just Cross Stitch Ornament Magazines!! If you want one, stop in next week, call us to save you a copy or even e-mail me. We will gladly hold it for you.

Monday, July 15, 2013

New Arrivals at the shop for Summer

Hi All, sorry its been too long in between postings, life has just been in the way. But I promise to try and be better now. I do have lots to show you and some new happenings to tell you about at the shop.
Many of us have been busy stitching patriotic items, its that time of year. I've done a bunch and now I'm down to my last one for this year. Its a new Chessie & Me, came out a few months ago. It was a fun stitch. Comes as a kit with everything you need to complete the piece. Silk threads, linen and needle. Its called Liberty.
Cheesie & Me have a few of these great little kits out. I've done 3 others here as small pillows. They are on display on the counter at the shop.
They were so much fun to do and you can get them done in a few sittings.

Summertime is usually pretty quiet with new items coming in. But now, we are starting to see the Autumn, Halloween, Christmas and Holiday charts coming in. Guess its time to get cracking on autumn and Christmas models! Everyone waits for these new charts to arrive and I really like the new ones from Prairie Schooler this year. Here they are.

They look like so much fun to stitch!!!
We also are taking reservations for the new Lizzie Kate Mystery Christmas Sampler. It will be released in September and come in 3 parts. It is stitched on 28ct Doubloon Linen from Picture this Plus, or you can stitch it on 32ct. or the fabric of your choice. The threads will be Weeks Dye Works.
I don't know if you remember but last year Lizzie Kate did a Halloween Mystery sampler and it is adorable. She really has such a great eye for color and design. These pieces are always fun and happy to stitch and anyone can do them. I've taken a sneak peak picture from Lizzie Kate's site to show you the piece.
Isn't it pretty?? I like the colors so far. And I like that scissor, hmm, have to get some more in the shop. We also have new designs from The Trilogy, Erica Michaels, The Hearts Content, Sweetheart Tree, Lizzie Kate, JBW Designs, Little House, Country Cottage and more.
Another awesome project that just arrived at the shop is the 1st of the new Loose feathers 2013 from Blackbird Designs. This will be a series of 12 designs. We have this one at the shop along with the linen. They should be arriving monthly. Here is a picture of the 1st one.
Here are pictures of the next 5 coming out. Very pretty!!

Again, if you want to get in on the Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers, let us know at the shop, we will gladly put them aside for you.

Oh, almost forgot the most important thing. We are closed this week for vacation. That's from July 15th thru the 21st. we will be back Monday. Harley, Don and I are taking some much needed rest and relaxation. Harley needs to get in some swimming time. I will send pictures of him in the pool.
Take care everyone and we hope to see you soon!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunny Stitching Day!

       It really is a beautiful day to be outside and possibly stitching. That is if the yard work is all done. As you can see, Harley is certainly enjoying his day off from the shop. As a matter of fact, Harley has some serious Spring Fever lately. He wants to go out for a walk constantly at the shop and makes sure to ask all of his "Harley Walkers" for a little stroll.


   As you can see, we are working on the blog and changing the way it looks. We have finally found a color close to the shop colors.  I hope you will bare with me while I learn all about blogger. Thank goodness Victoria is teaching me and also putting in some touches. Anyway, some of the stitchers have made progress on their pieces lately. Liz finished her Blackbird design and brought it in for framing yesterday. For some reason it didn't photgraph that great, but it really is stunning.

Tina also finished her Mirabilia Fairy. She worked on this for about 4 months steadily. It really came out stunning, didn't it? The fabric she did her on is called Hurricane by Under the Sea, a new fabric company that started not to long ago. I hope we will get some of this color in soon.
Mirabilia Designs
August Peridot Fairy
There is one other piece that one of the gals is working on and I was so surprised to see how colorful and sweet it is. Its from Blue Ribbon Designs. It is called Comfort and Joy. This is not a large piece either. Its maybe 12 by 12. The border is done in a reversed mosaic stitch which Liz just started on, good luck on that Liz!!!
Now, we did some new designs in from the on-line needlework show and a few more coming. We had a few requests for this and I think both are really funky and fun pieces to stitch. They are from Long Dog Designs. The first is called Hare Apparent and the second is called Kells Kritters.

Other new designs that have arrived are Lizzie Kates, Just Nan, Little House, Beehive Needleworks, Imaginating, Erica Michaels, Reflects De Soie and more. Hope to see you soon!!!!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring is Finally Here!!


       I hope so anyway! The Nashville goodies are here now and everyone is busy getting new things to stitch and I think the spring bug is hitting many of our stitchers. Ducks, chicks, eggs, daffodils, green grass, bluebirds are whats happening in charts at the shop. Here is a piece that Carol was stitching at the shop the other day.

Happy Easter
Sue Hillis Designs 
I love the colors in this piece so far, but she didn't get it done for this Easter, lol. Sue Hillis has a bunch of designs all pertaining to different holidays. You should check her designs out if
you like this one.
Here are some more designs some of our stitchers are working on at the moment. This is one I've been working on, on and off for the past year, but I haven't gotten very far. With all the shop models I'm always doing, my stitching gets put on hold for months. But I love this sampler and I've vowed to get her done this year!!! Besides its a special piece between my dear friend Sandra and I, but she has hers done and hanging in her house already. Sigh....
Hannah Lancaster
Porcupine Collection
This is a very pretty design from Blackbird Design that Liz is working on. I hope when she gets this done and framed by Don, we could hang it in the shop awhile. Such pretty colors!! Liz, is it done yet??
Joyeux Noel
Blackbird Designs 
Our stitching groups really have some beautiful pieces they are working on by many different designers. If you come to the shop, any one of group will be more than willing to help enable you into finding something you will love to stitch. Below is one of about 4 that Brian has completed. These are from Erica Michaels silk gauze pieces. Can you believe how tiny the finished piece is by comparing it to that dime?

St. Patrick's Day
Erica Michaels Silk Gauze Kit
Valentine's Day
Erica Michael's Silk Gauze Kit
One of our stitchers who also works at the shop, Tina, has at least 4 Chatelaines in progress at different stages of completion. We are hoping Tina will finish at least 1 or 2 this year and we will frame them and hang them in the shop. One is Egyptian Mandala and its my favorite, what a gorgeous piece. Here are a few pics, check out the beads and specialty stitches.

 Another monster piece Tina is working on is called Quaker Virtues from ByGone Stitches. There are only 2 colors of threads in this piece. What a joy that is not having to constantly change colors.

Below is a piece that was just started the other day by Nancy. She really got alot done in only a few days. This designer called Tempting Tangles has only been around a few years, but she designs some really pretty charts. There is a Tea design by this designer also. We love the fabric it called for, Straw linen by Weeks Dye Works. And I believe Nancy is using The Gentle Art threads, my favorite!!
Now that the nice weather is here, its time to start a new piece. We look for any excuse at the shop to start something new!! We have a huge selection of not only new charts, but some really pretty older designs. Sometimes I go thru areas of charts in the shop and come across some older designs that are really awesome. So, next time you come in, look around at some different designers that you may not normally look at, you may be very happy you did. See you soon! Hugs, Tawny

Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Arrivals at the shop!!!

     In spite of the nasty weather we are having, when the mailman and the UPS man arrives, we all break out into a smile waiting to see all the new goodies inside those brown boxes. After all these years, Harley just looks at the men waiting for them to pay attention to him, he does not bite the hand that brings goodies! Even though I did not make Nashville this year, I made sure to get my hands on tons of new goodies that just came out.
New Prairie Schooler- Little Red Riding Hood
This is one of 4 new Prairie Schooler charts- Vintage Eggs, The 3 Pigs and Fables and tales are the other new charts in the shop. We also have new designs from SweetHeart Tree, Erica Michaels new silk gauze kits which are a favorite at the shop. Here is another picture I want to share with you. A good friend and wonderful designer Liz Gorski of Primrose Needleworks is back designing (thank goodness), and has a new design out called Star and Stripes Forever. I believe it is a companion to her beautiful design 272 Words. Check out Liz's blog where you can see many of her awesome designs including her crossword designs.

Stars and Stripes Forever-
Primrose Needleworks.

We have have the new Just Nan designs including Spring is in the Tulips, Limited Edition Honey Bunny, 8 Pointed Star Garden and the new Bunny Slides!!! Excuse the placing of these pictures, I'm still trying to get the hang of working this blog. The left picture is Just Nan Honey Bunny and the picture below is Just Nan Spring is in the Tulips. I'll be opening boxes daily and sending you some pictures. Plus this Saturday is our monthly stitching get together, I can't wait to see what everyone is stitching. Maybe they will let me take pictures of their works in progress to show you. Enjoy your day!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Up and Running!!

February 9, 2013

   Greetings Everyone! We are so excited here at the shop to finally get this blog up and running!! For months I was trying to recover this blog with info that was not the correct e-mail or password. Then a few days ago, my daughter tells me she keeps getting e-mails about this blog, nice. So, now here we are with lots of info about whats happening in the shop, new items and lots of fun pictures. Join us!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Opening of a new blog!

Hello everyone!

Thanks for checking in on the new blog! Updates will soon be done weekly whether it be about new charts or new trunk shows, or just new anything with the shop! This blog will be run just like our website would be... just more up-to-date.