Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring is Finally Here!!


       I hope so anyway! The Nashville goodies are here now and everyone is busy getting new things to stitch and I think the spring bug is hitting many of our stitchers. Ducks, chicks, eggs, daffodils, green grass, bluebirds are whats happening in charts at the shop. Here is a piece that Carol was stitching at the shop the other day.

Happy Easter
Sue Hillis Designs 
I love the colors in this piece so far, but she didn't get it done for this Easter, lol. Sue Hillis has a bunch of designs all pertaining to different holidays. You should check her designs out if
you like this one.
Here are some more designs some of our stitchers are working on at the moment. This is one I've been working on, on and off for the past year, but I haven't gotten very far. With all the shop models I'm always doing, my stitching gets put on hold for months. But I love this sampler and I've vowed to get her done this year!!! Besides its a special piece between my dear friend Sandra and I, but she has hers done and hanging in her house already. Sigh....
Hannah Lancaster
Porcupine Collection
This is a very pretty design from Blackbird Design that Liz is working on. I hope when she gets this done and framed by Don, we could hang it in the shop awhile. Such pretty colors!! Liz, is it done yet??
Joyeux Noel
Blackbird Designs 
Our stitching groups really have some beautiful pieces they are working on by many different designers. If you come to the shop, any one of group will be more than willing to help enable you into finding something you will love to stitch. Below is one of about 4 that Brian has completed. These are from Erica Michaels silk gauze pieces. Can you believe how tiny the finished piece is by comparing it to that dime?

St. Patrick's Day
Erica Michaels Silk Gauze Kit
Valentine's Day
Erica Michael's Silk Gauze Kit
One of our stitchers who also works at the shop, Tina, has at least 4 Chatelaines in progress at different stages of completion. We are hoping Tina will finish at least 1 or 2 this year and we will frame them and hang them in the shop. One is Egyptian Mandala and its my favorite, what a gorgeous piece. Here are a few pics, check out the beads and specialty stitches.

 Another monster piece Tina is working on is called Quaker Virtues from ByGone Stitches. There are only 2 colors of threads in this piece. What a joy that is not having to constantly change colors.

Below is a piece that was just started the other day by Nancy. She really got alot done in only a few days. This designer called Tempting Tangles has only been around a few years, but she designs some really pretty charts. There is a Tea design by this designer also. We love the fabric it called for, Straw linen by Weeks Dye Works. And I believe Nancy is using The Gentle Art threads, my favorite!!
Now that the nice weather is here, its time to start a new piece. We look for any excuse at the shop to start something new!! We have a huge selection of not only new charts, but some really pretty older designs. Sometimes I go thru areas of charts in the shop and come across some older designs that are really awesome. So, next time you come in, look around at some different designers that you may not normally look at, you may be very happy you did. See you soon! Hugs, Tawny


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Hi, Hannah is looking lovely. Its lovely to see her again. Some lovely stitching being done by the girls - Sandra.