Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunny Stitching Day!

       It really is a beautiful day to be outside and possibly stitching. That is if the yard work is all done. As you can see, Harley is certainly enjoying his day off from the shop. As a matter of fact, Harley has some serious Spring Fever lately. He wants to go out for a walk constantly at the shop and makes sure to ask all of his "Harley Walkers" for a little stroll.


   As you can see, we are working on the blog and changing the way it looks. We have finally found a color close to the shop colors.  I hope you will bare with me while I learn all about blogger. Thank goodness Victoria is teaching me and also putting in some touches. Anyway, some of the stitchers have made progress on their pieces lately. Liz finished her Blackbird design and brought it in for framing yesterday. For some reason it didn't photgraph that great, but it really is stunning.

Tina also finished her Mirabilia Fairy. She worked on this for about 4 months steadily. It really came out stunning, didn't it? The fabric she did her on is called Hurricane by Under the Sea, a new fabric company that started not to long ago. I hope we will get some of this color in soon.
Mirabilia Designs
August Peridot Fairy
There is one other piece that one of the gals is working on and I was so surprised to see how colorful and sweet it is. Its from Blue Ribbon Designs. It is called Comfort and Joy. This is not a large piece either. Its maybe 12 by 12. The border is done in a reversed mosaic stitch which Liz just started on, good luck on that Liz!!!
Now, we did some new designs in from the on-line needlework show and a few more coming. We had a few requests for this and I think both are really funky and fun pieces to stitch. They are from Long Dog Designs. The first is called Hare Apparent and the second is called Kells Kritters.

Other new designs that have arrived are Lizzie Kates, Just Nan, Little House, Beehive Needleworks, Imaginating, Erica Michaels, Reflects De Soie and more. Hope to see you soon!!!!



samplerlover said...

The weather has been lovely here lately as well. But sadly the cold weather is around the corner.

Some lovely work there. Have alwaysbliked tge BBD one. The Long Dog ones are lovely as well.

mommafoso said...

I look forward to reading your blog. I had the pleasure of being in your lovely shop several years ago while visiting family - I live in FL, so when I get to make it that far, I will definitely be stopping by again & stocking up on supplies.

Happy stitching